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The first association that exclusively defends the rights of tenants in Luxembourg.


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D’Covid-Kris hat kee groussen Impakt op de Logementsmarché hei am Land. Där Meenung ass de Julien Licheron, dee sech um Fuerschungsinstitut LISER mat den Entwécklungen um Immobiliëmarché

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Our objectives and tasks

Our main objective is to provide tenants in Luxembourg with a common platform and to act as a lobby to protect and promote the rights of tenants.

This includes among others:

  • Raising awareness and inform tenants about their rights under the legislation and procedures for obtaining rent subsidies;
  • encouraging public authorities, including local authorities and the Ministry of Housing, to systematically and regularly inform tenants about the existence of the Housing Rent Act and the procedure to be followed for its implementation;
  • proposing improvements to the current legal provisions and encourage Luxembourg to meet and implement its obligations under international law;
  • collecting and knowing best practices in relation to legislation, rights and measures relating to tenancy and the protection of tenants abroad.

Become a member

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Make the Tenant Protection Association known to tenants throughout the country. The more we are, the better we can protect the interests of tenants!

We gladly accept donations, too. You may transfer any desired amount to our bank account with the subject “Donation” followed by your name.

Bank account details:

Mieterschutz Lëtzebuerg
IBAN LU93 0019 5755 5627 5000

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions, we would be pleased to receive a message from you.

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Please be aware that the work of our association is currently carried out exclusively by volunteers and that we do not have permanent offices. Therefore, we kindly ask you to not personally visit the indicated address. but to use it only for correspondence.